Have You Ever Felt Lost? Don't Know What To Do?

Well, here at Occult Spirits we give you the tools to know yourself and your path. 


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About Us

About Us

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 Welcome to Occult Spirits. Here at Occult Spirits we believe that every person has an individual path. This path can be difficult and confusing at times. We provide you with tools that can be used to know yourself better. When you know yourself better you shine a beacon of light on your path, illuminating your next step of the journey. On this site you will find Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, and Spiritual lessons, to assist with your introspection. You will find weekly horoscopes, to keep track of planetary influences. You will also find a blog that dives into multiple aspects of the occult, it's past connections and the relevance between past and present for each topic. 

About Spirit

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Hi there, 

I am Spirit. I am married, have children and live a normal life, or so I wanted to at one point. As a child I realized I was gifted, the older I became, the more difficult it was for me to ignore. About 10 years ago I could not take living with these unusual occurrences any longer. I looked into Astrology and found some answers, I kept searching. This lead me to Tarot, which I enjoyed. This lead me to Numerology and Mythology. I had officially started a journey of learning, about myself and my life path. This was one of the most difficult things I have ever done. It was very lonely, nobody seemed to understand me. I wanted to make a difference, create a legacy, be a part of something bigger than myself and feel deeply connected to something. I found the answers and so much more. At this time I am still a truth seeker. I also would never wish that loneliness on anyone, so I began this site as a way to uplift and empower others.  


Your horoscope is written weekly, to assist in understanding the planetary influences on life. Because retrogrades affect us as well as direct planets, we have included all retrogrades, and the messages they convey. You can only find these retrograde horoscopes here, at Occult Spirits. 

Need Some Lessons?

We have lessons available to our members, to teach you Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Basic Spellwork, and Spirituality.  

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