Welcome to Occult Spirits!

The metaphysical place that answers the question, "What about me?" 

Welcome to Occult Spirits!

The metaphysical place that answers the question, "What about me?" 

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About Us

About Us


 Welcome to Occult Spirits.  We are an online metaphysical shop. We have weekly Horoscopes, blog posts about various topics. We do Tarot Readings, Astrology Readings and Numerology Readings and Dream Interpretations. We sell hand made jewelry, anything from Zodiac to Yoga and other spiritual activities. Here at Occult Spirits, we believe everyone has a place in this world and strive to help our customers and members find theirs.

About Spirit


 I am a married, mother of three beautiful girls. I have been studying different occult specialties for 10 years. I easily spend 8 hours per day expanding my knowledge of these topics. I have a bachelor's degree in world cultures and mythology. I am constantly asking the questions "What about me?" or "Where do I fit in?". It is my passion to answer these questions for others. 



Hi all, everyone asks me, where I get my inspiration from. Well, to tell the truth, I get it from my daughters. My oldest daughter, loves Astrology and is always learning about herself through the night sky. My middle daughter, enjoys mythology, she loves looking into creatures that she has heard of, but never understood their meaning and how their stories can teach her. Last but not least, my youngest daughter, loves anything spiritual, stones, chakras, oils, etc. She has an attraction to the beauty of nature, and a special connection to it. At one point in time they have all asked "What about me?" and I have made it my mission to show them their place in this world. As I now would like to do for you. 

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