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Weekly Horror novel, i mean horoscope, lol



  • The planetary transits this week fall mostly in your house of philosophy, higher education,beliefs and travel.
  • Mars may cause you to be hasty in this situation. Saturn in this way will test your stability in it. Now is not the time to be fickle.
  • There may be an unexpected change in how you communicate your beliefs, or it could be taking time to be free with your thoughts.
  • The other aspect affecting you this week may be out
    growing your feelings about relationships. It may be a feeling that changes, in your relationship. Almost as if you are now seeing things through the eyes of your partner. 

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  • Let's talk about your friends this week. You will have to choose quite a bit this week, it may be tiresome.
  • You have to choose between the balance in your life or how you view the whole friendship. You may feel the need to protect your friends during this change.
  • Your friendship may take on a more creative role in your life, like an inspiration. You may find it difficult to commit time to your friends, considering life is busy. 

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  • This week should be very interesting, the most aspects made are to your 8th house. The house of mystery, birth, death, deep bonding and other's assets.
  • Mercury is giving it a ease of communication to deal with other aspects concerning that house.
  • Jupiter is giving a hiccup, to your 8th house, it may be over confidence or over giving.
  • Saturn is giving an easy flowing sense of stability. Uranus in this house means a sudden change that you may have initialized.
  • Power is being given to your 8th house, it is the trans-formative type. A couple little incidents involving how you balance the effects of the 8th house, maybe losing money or not gaining money the way you thought you would. 

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  • This week is all about you verses who people see you as. Venus will bring some harmony to your persona.
  • Mars will cause you to want to “shoot first and ask questions later”.Harmony and balance will come easy. As far as the views of others you may appear protective, responsible, powerful and have only one choice to make this week.
  • The choice is to figure out to enhance your public persona with dreams, ideals, or emotions. You may even question as to whether your aspirations are too high. This is a time to compare who you are to who you want to be. 

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  • This week's planetary alignment is basically about your second house, the house of values, money and how we relate to it.
  • Venus squaring this house means a bit of hiccup, maybe you win some money but its not as much as you thought leaving you to still figure out problem.
  • Neptune is in the second house as well, be sure you are sending good fives. Mars in this position can sure make a mess to everything, but it should clear out by mid to to end week.

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  •  This week is a very light week for you, a hiccup in drive for your relationships.
  • Mars is in your 2nd house along with natal mars ant the moon. You may have to choose between money and stability. 

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