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Tarot Readings

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  • This is an intuitive tarot reading, to answer a specific question or give guidance for a specified period of time. 
  • We will come up with a unique pairing of deck choice and spread, to accurately answer questions. 
  • Readings are performed virtually. 

Astrology Reading

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  • A birth or natal chart is a snapshot of the sky the moment you were born. 
  • This reading is of your birth chart. 
  • This reading tells the location of the 10 classical planets, 4 mathematical points and 6 asteroids.
  • Readings are performed virtually. 

Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation, #dreaminterpretation, reading, #reading, symbols, #symbols, meaning, #meaning, dreams, #dreams

  • Every dream is an intricate series of symbols. 
  • Dreams are also a message from your higher self, or a divine being. 
  • We give you a basis of what the elements in your dream mean. 
  • All dreams can be analyzed, daydreams, actual dreams, recurring dreams, lucid dreams and even fantasies.
  • Readings are performed virtually.

Numerology Reading

Numerology, #numerology, life path number, #lifepathnumber, soul urge number, #soulurgenumber, karmic debt number, #karmicdebtnumber


  • Numerology examines the effect your date of birth and birth given name, has on your personality traits. 
  • In a typical reading you will receive the Life Path Number, Soul Urge Number, Karmic Debt Number and much more.  
  • Readings are performed virtually.

Chinese Zodiac Reading

Chinese Zodiac, #chinesezodiac, animal astrology, #animalastrology, reading, #reading

  • This chart is based off the Chinese belief in animals being related to our birth year.
  • Armed with the year of birth only, we will explore the similarities between animals and personality traits.
  •  Readings are performed virtually.

Native American Zodiac Reading

Native American Zodiac, #nativeamericanzodiac, animal zodiac, #animalzodiac, readings, #readings

  • Native American Zodiac works on a belief system that animals are spiritual guides for humans.
  • The animal guides lend us a hand through our journey, sometimes by giving us innate talents.
  • Readings are performed virtually.

Subscription Box Service

Pandora's Box

Pandora's, #pandora's, box, #box, pandora's box, #pandora'sbox, subscription, #subscription

  • $25.00/month
  • one handmade accessory
  • one personalized lunar return
  • one unique cocktail recipe
  • a 3 card reading
  • simply fill out order form
  • put your address and date of birth in the messages section for personalized boxes 

Privacy Policy

All information acquired by Occult Spirits is considered confidential and is never shared.